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The current (as of 2017) annual subscription to Pentalpha is £144 per year, payable by July 1st in advance of the year to come.

The fee for new members is a one-off payment of £90 (£25 joining fee plus Grand Lodge registration of £65) in addition to the first year's membership.

Masons joining from other Lodges pay £25.

We also dine six times a year, which is not included in the annual subscription. This is usually at a local restaurant, pub or hotel, where we enjoy a 2-3 course meal, usually for less than £20, excluding drinks.

After our December meeting is a Christmas meal, to which wives, partners and families are all invited, and in the late Spring, to celebrate the end of a Master's year, we have a Ladies' Lunch, where again, wives and partners are welcome. During the Summer we usually have a barbecue in conjunction with Chanctonbury Lodge No 6196.

Charitable donations are at your discretion.

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